HBFP is ready to function as your new Chief Financial Officer.

We’ll combine our extensive financial knowledge and years of construction-industry experience to simplify your financial operations.

We’ll start by doing a little building of our own. HBFP will spend the time to understand your business inside and out and use what we learn to smoothly implement the custom solution we craft specifically for you.

You’ll receive weekly reports on the status of your jobs, on-demand invoice generation, and 24/7 access to the information you need to make smart business decisions. We’ll also work side-by-side with your accountant to limit tax exposure and manage your financial obligations.

HBFP’s goal is to enable you to focus on what you do best: running a successful business building quality homes. We’ll handle the paperwork!

We’ll take care of your payables and receivables systematically. By setting clear deadlines for draw requests and vendor payments, we’ll ensure that both you and your subcontractors are getting paid on-time and accurately, freeing you to focus on your project.

We’ll provide quarterly financial statements and bi-annual financial reviews. With transparent insights and regular reporting, we’ll enable you to make smart adjustments to your financial roadmap, ensuring you’re always on the path to success.

You can’t afford to risk your relationships with subcontractors, suppliers, or customers because of poor cash flow. We’ll use our decades of financial experience to eliminate the stress of capital management, ensuring you’ve always got the liquidity needed to do business.

We started our business to exclusively serve custom home builders like you. We know and love the construction industry, and we’re passionate about helping residential builders spend less time in the office and more time on the job site.

Your time and talent are better spent building quality homes rather than managing invoices. We’ll handle the tasks of receiving and coding invoices so you and your project managers can focus on increasing profitability.

Data breaches can risk your reputation and your business, but you can’t afford to be in the dark when it comes to finances. Our industry experts know how to securely store your data while making sure you have 24/7 access to all financial information, even from your mobile devices.

We have the knowledge and experience to handle any type of contract. We’ll take care of everything from subcontractors to homeowners’ contracts so you can concentrate on building.
HBFP wants you to have all the insights you need to make the best possible business decisions. We’ll send you a weekly report packet that includes job costs, unpaid bills, updated client invoices, and outstanding receivables.
We know you need peace of mind and clarity to run a successful construction business. We’ll use our financial expertise to help you account for every dollar and optimize your growth.



Upon signing up for HBFP services we schedule a 1-3 day in person meeting with your company.
During this time we setup meetings with all key employees so that we can better understand your current system and how your office currently runs. Once we complete your onsite visit we head back to our corporate office to develop your personalized account setup. Your account setup includes assigning your dedicated Financial Partner that will work with you on a weekly basis for the life of your account.
Once your Financial Partner is assigned they work on getting your full management system up and running.
Upon having your account created in our system we schedule short training calls / zoom meetings to help educate your staff on how the system works. We tailor every call to make sure everyone is comfortable with how the system works and what parts of the system they will need to access for their specific role in your organization. One of the main questions we get is “I’m not a computer person, how can I use your system?”. Our response is always the same if you can email you can use our system, we created our system to be run on all devices. We also take great pride in working with everyone at their own pace to get acclimated to the new way of doing business.
Our new account setup takes from 1-2 weeks based on how many employees your organization has.
After the new account setup is complete we work with all subs and vendors to insure smooth transition to our portal. Our biggest focus is a smooth transition for you and your team, all of the “heavy lifting” is completed by your Financial Partner in the background. Once we have completed our transition and your system is set in place, your weekly reports begin to be delivered and a weekly zoom call is scheduled to go over any pressing items.