Let's navigate our way

to success, together.

We run the business while you build quality custom homes.


Construction Bookkeeping and Consulting For efficient financial management.

The Journey Begins With Us

Who We Are

We help contractors every day run their businesses more efficiently. By hiring Home Builders Financial Partners it gives you a CFO, office staff, and marketing resource all in one place. We use our proven system to help contractors become more organized and produce higher profits and returns in their business.

By hiring our firm you never have to train office staff, we never take a week off, never call in sick and we don’t need benefits. You get access to a construction specific CFO, office staff, and marketing team for less than you would pay one full time employee. So, how can we help you?

Hard Hat & Architectural Blueprints

Offering Multiple levels

of support for less than one office administrator.


Full Office Support Staff

Marketing Support

New Home Construction Illustration

A Financial System Built Around

Your Business

On-Site Meeting

During your first week as a client of HBFP, we spend 1-3 days with you at your office learning how your current system works. Our main mission while working with you at your office is to learn what works well for you and what creates stress. We are here to relieve the stress!

Client Specific System

After our in person meeting, we come back to our office and develop a system that works for you and your team. You will get a system that is completely customized for your company.

Training and On-Boarding

We work with each member of your team and train them on the cloud based system. Our complete on-board time from on-site visit to delivering weekly reports is 3-4 weeks.