The Biggest Home-Building Trends You Can Expect to See in 2023

While most people choose to build a custom home as their or ever home, the latest trends will likely influence a home buyer’s design preferences – which is why they’re worth keeping up on. From black accent walls to solar-powered appliances, here are the biggest home-building trends for 2023.

Alternative Energy
With environmental concerns more pressing than ever, using alternative energy sources – including solar – to power modern homes is becoming increasingly popular. People are looking for new ways to put solar energy to work, from ambient lighting to heated floors.

Family Spaces Over Formal Spaces
Gone are the days of formal dining and living areas. Now, buyers are interested in homes that are designed around how they live- around their day-to-day lives. Open kitchen and family room plans remain popular, as well as large family dining spaces that can be dressed up or down depending on the occasion.

Outdoor Living
More and more home buyers are requesting outdoor living spaces, including kitchens and seating areas. The standard for new builds has become a covered structure on either a patio or deck.

Wide-Plank Flooring
Wood floors are still in style, but with a twist! Wide planks are more in demand than thinner varieties. Light-colored floors are still a preferred choice, as they make a home feel larger and brighter.

Black Accents
It’s official: black is back. From window trim to accent walls, exterior paint, barn doors, cabinetry, tile, and more, black is quickly becoming a popular choice.

Upscale Pantries
Gone are the days of cluttered pantries stacked floor-to-ceiling with bulky boxes. In 2023, expect over-the-top butler’s pantries with walk-in storage solutions. Many pantries now have outlets, sinks, and extra dishwashers.

Wainscoting & Paneling
Why have plain walls when you could add interest with wainscoting or paneling? From accent walls to hallways, and even exteriors, homeowners are craving dimension on their walls.

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